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International Festival Day

As a part of joint discussions between the Trustees of Goražde Children’s Foundation Bosnia UK (GCF), and members of Podrinje-Goražde Canton Goverenment, the GCF Trustees are pleased to present a further proposal for the wider celebration and growth of the city of Goražde - that we hope will also serve to publicise and enhance our fund raising efforts at the same time as bringing a wider international attention to the beauty and attractions of Goražde, it’s surrounding landscapes, potential activities, benefits, people and passions. 


Our aim is to bring our organisations closer together in the pursuit iof wider benefits and growth of Goražde as a city, as a region, fuelling greater economic benefits and prosperity of the local community it’s economy and  it’s citizens.


We hope this will lead us to achieiving a strong and important international collaboration. The objective here, is to set out talking points that focus on that idea: Goražde International Day Festival - the first such event to be held on 8th June, 2024.

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