Honour & Inspire Charity Ride 2022

100KM Sponsored Bike Ride from Sarajevo to Gorazde

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Honour and Inspire Charity Ride - 12-15th September 2022

The aim of the bike ride is to continue raising funds to help with the progression of renovating the school, following on from the success of the trip in 2019, which saw riders' cycle roughly 100km through the Bosnian mountains. The collective efforts of all of the riders helped to raise the funds for the Goražde Primary School to construct a new English Language Centre, and start work on a fully equipped Chemistry and Biology Classroom. 

In 2022, the bike ride will begin from Vijećnica (Sarajevo City Hall) to Hrenovica, through to Bijele Vode before finishing at the Goražde School. The route will take you on a beautiful journey through the mountains, around the Miljacka River, and ending in the eastern city of Goražde. After the bike ride, the rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing and exploring the sights of Sarajevo. Hired bikes will be available in country and will be organised ahead of time (unless you wish to travel with your own).

Entry requirements are below:

  • To contribute towards our fundraising target of £40,000

  • £1,250 to cover

    • 3 days accommodation (bed/breakfast)

    • Transport / minibus

    • Subsistence (snacks/lunch)

    • Bike

  • £750 Logistics Support for those wishing to attend and support the cycle team​

    • 3 days accommodation (bed/breakfast)

    • Transport / minibus

    • Subsistence (snacks/lunch)

  • £375 Ex-Service Personnel

    • 3 days accommodation (bed/breakfast)

    • Transfers

  • Option to attend the Honour and Inspire Concert

    • 1 night - 15th September 


GCF Bosnia was established to honour the soldiers of the British Army that gave their lives on United Nations operational service in 1994 when protecting the central Bosnian enclave and city of Gorazde.

To honour the fallen, the charity was founded to support the children’s school in Gorazde, to inspire these children, and through its support create opportunities for them to live their dreams and fulfil their ambitions. To date over GBP £90,000 has been raised for the school, being allocated to the refurbishment of the playground’s football pitch, the chemistry laboratory and the creation of an English language laboratory and classroom.


At sunrise on September 13th, 2022, GCF Bosnia will bring together a team of 25 committed to completing a 100km charity ride between the cities of Sarajevo and Gorazde.  The ride will take the cyclists through the fields and valleys of Bosnia, rising into its mountains and dropping down into the city, finishing at the school, to be welcomed by its children.

The charity has agreed a list of priorities with the school, which will be met by the fundraising target.  More details can be provided upon request.  However, making better the environment of some very tired classrooms, providing tools so that the teachers can be more effective and increasing the present stock of 24 aging and outdated 8-year-old computers that support the entire school of 736 pupils, are insights into these priorities.

As part of this event, and the fully inclusive self-funded package to participate, brand new bicycles and helmets will be provided at a significant discount by the leading cycle shop chain in Bosnia.  The group will ride these to Gorazde, where they will be presented to the school, to initiate and establish a cycle club that will serve to promote exercise and healthier living in the area.


On September 14th, the day after the cycle ride and having stayed in mountain lodges above the city the night before, a new memorial  will be opened in honour of the 6 British soldiers that gave their lives on United Nations duty in 1994.

The chosen memorial site will be co-located with an established memorial for one the soldiers that died – Private Ben Hinton.

A new viewing platform, with benches, a memorial plaque and a panorama map will be dedicated, with the townsfolk, local dignitaries, and representation from the U.K. Bosnian Embassy, U.K. Armed Forces, and hopefully Bosnian Armed Forces, in attendance.  A proportion of funds raised will be allocated to this memorial.

All riders will be expected to attend and give their support for this key event.

Whilst the principal objectives of the trip are the cycle ride and memorial, other activities are being organised by the GCF charity to provide a fully enriched experience of your time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including a river trip on the Drina and visits to Cemetery Valley, Samarai and Sarajevo Old Town.

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Date: Monday September 12th – Thursday September 15th, 2022




September 12th

09:05 - 14:20

15:00 - 21:00

September 13th


07:00 - 13:00

14:00 - 16:00

16:00 - 18:00

18:00 - 20:00


September 14th


10:00 - 11:00

11:00 - 12:30

14:00 - 16:00




Flight Heathrow – Sarajevo

Arrive in Sarajevo, tour round the old town and early supper

accommodation: https://www.hoteleuropegroup.ba/ba/europe

ref: https://sarajevo.travel/en/text/explore-the-old-town-in-one-day/163


Cycle ride Sarajevo to Gorazde

School visit and hosting

Cemetery Valley and Samari walk

Dinner in town with schoolteachers and local dignitaries

Sign in and team drinks at the lodge

accommodation: www.bijelevode.ba/index.php?lang=en



Memorial Service


Coffee and post memorial drinks at the lodge


Drina River journey


Depart Gorazde


Hotel book in (same as night 1)

Team outing, drinks and dinner in the old town



September 15th


Return to the UK

If you are interested, please contact charityridebosnia2022@armstrongwolfe.com

Your Accommodation
Night 1 and 3

Night 2

Bijele Vode is a mountain lodge with access to breathtaking views of the Bosnian landscape. Situated in the centre of the upper course of the Drina River in the town of Gorazde, on the eastern slopes of Mount Jahorina, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy Bosnia.