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Who we are 

GCF Bosnia:
For the children of Gorazde

GCF Bosnia is a UK-based charitable foundation which is committed to helping rejuvenate the previously war-torn town of Gorazde in Bosnia. The charity specifically supports Gorazde Primary School and seeks to provide a brighter future for its students and to date has raised £106,500. 

Where it all began

GCF Bosnia was founded by Maurice Evlyn-Bufton in 2013, who was previously a captain in The 1st Battalion The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment (1RGBW) in the Bosnian conflict (1992 - 1995) and is currently Managing Director of executive search company Armstrong Wolfe.

The foundation was set up in memory of four of  Maurice's comrade's, Privates Ben Hinton, Philip Armstrong, Martin Dowdell, and Chris Turner who were killed on two separate incidents whilst on United Nations' duty on Operation Grapple 1994-1995 in the eastern enclave of Gorazde. 

In 2012 Maurice along with sixteen other former comrades of 1RGBW returned to Goražde to replace the memorials stones of their fallen comrades. On the last day of the visit the group were invited to the local primary school where they were greeted by the children singing them a song in Bosnian thanking the British Army for saving their parents and grandparents.


Moved and inspired by this gestured Maurice asked the school headmistress what can be done to help. From this discussion a commitment was born to establish an English language teaching centre and to re-establish a playing field both in memory of their fallen comrades and as an investment that would benefit the future generations of Goražde. 

Through his company Armstrong Wolfe, Maurice set a target to raise £25,000 to meet the schools ambitions and set up the Goražde Children’s Foundation to manage these funds. The charity has now gone on the raise £65,000 and is committed to raising a further £20,000 to fund the construction of a much needed fully equipped science laboratory and continue much needed reservations and maintenance around the school.

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